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Former leaders

Our former leaders

This list reproduces the names of the persons that have been President, Copresident or Vicepresident of the UCLG Committee on culture. It also includes key members of their technical teams. With gratitude for your fundamental contribution to our activities!



Alain Fouquet, Pascale Marchand, Marianne Prodhomme and Monique Ramognino, as well as Pamela Bailly, Jeanne Boisson, and Christelle Six.



Ferran Mascarell, Carles Martí, Jordi Martí, Jaume Ciurana, Berta Sureda and Jaume Collboni, as well as Margarita Obiols, Antònia Sabartés, Josep Roca and Joaquim Llimona.



Ibone Bengoetxea


Belo Horizonte

Leonidas de Oliveira and Juca Ferreira, as well as Jose de Oliveira Junior and Janine Avelar.



Clarisa Ruiz-Correal


Buenos Aires

Gustavo López, Silvia Fajre, Hernán Lombardi, Darío Loperfido and Ángel Mahler


Lille – Métropole Européenne

Catherine Cullen



Nina Serratos as well as Eugene Zapata



Filippo del Corno as well as Irma Dioli



Soraya Martínez, Helen Fotopulos, Élaine Ayotte, Susan Ellefsen and Manon Gauthier, as well as Jean Robert Choquet and Marie-Ève Bonneau


Porto Alegre

Vitor Ortiz, and Sergius Gonzaga



Madeleine Sjostedt and Ewa Samuelson, as well as Eva Schöld and Bo Ander


UCLG Committee on culture - Coordination team

Idoia Villanueva, Adriana Partal, Gisela Sais, Esther Vendrell, Joana Valent, Mariona Peraire, Jordi Sabata, Carla Rabell, Inés Gesa, Ana Ursueguía, Helena Calvo, Valerie Guilmain, Carina Lopes, Núria Fàbrega and Robert Galera