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The City of Gabrovo is a Pilot City of the Agenda 21 for culture through the European Pilot City programme for 2015-2018.

Check out Gabrovo's Work Programme, elaborated in the framewrok of the Pilot Cities programme.

Check out Gabrovo's self-assessment report, elaborated in the framework of the Pilot City programme.

Read Gabrovo's City Profile.

The project of Gabrovo "Trends in cultural development"

Good practice of Agenda 21 for Culture: the project of Gabrovo "Trends in cultural development" of Gabrovo, presented in the framework of the 2014 Pilot City programme.

The City of Gabrovo was committed with the 2014 Pilot City programme on the implementation of Agenda 21 for culture and its update. Read its full report on Culture 21: Actions.