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Culture at UCLG World Congress

30/10/2019 - 16:48

The UCLG Committee on Culture was set up in 2004 in order to improve knowledge and exchanges on culture and development. The work of the Committee is guided by conceptual documents such as the “Agenda 21 for culture”, “Culture is the Fourth Pillar of Sustainable Development” and the declaration “Culture and Peace”, which understand cultural policies to be based in human rights and to be co-created with the people and for the people. The approval of the toolkit “Culture 21 Actions” in 2015 and “Culture in the SDGs: A Guide for Local Action” in 2018 has given interesting advice on localisation and implementation of culture in local policies.

The theme has gained momentum in the global conversation on development. Culture is felt by UCLG members, cities and local governments and their associations and sections, to be at the core of local identity and freedoms of citizens, a strand of global fraternity, a vector for peace and human rights and a key asset in any strategy for local development. A UCLG Culture Strategy is in the making to better serve our members and to improve the impact of the UCLG work in the global conversation on sustainable development.

The UCLG World Congress in Durban is a perfect opportunity to make this conversation happen:

      -  The Special Session on Culture will discuss cultural rights, introduce cultural policies of UCLG cities
         and invite global civil society networks. The UCLG Mexico City Culture 21 Award will be introduced
         as a unique initiative.e.
        Wednesday 13 November 2019
        9.00am - 10.30am

       - The session “Culture Driven Public Policies” will introduce the capacity-building and learning
         programmes of UCLG (“Leading Cities”, “Pilot Cities”, “Culture 21 Lab” and “The Seven Keys”)
         and the new initiative of African Capital of Culture.
         Tuesday 12 November 2019
        9.00am - 10.30am

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