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Culture Xi'An COVID-19


Culture Activities of Xi'an in Fighting Against the Covid-19

Ongoing Cultural Activities

  1. The Online National Treasure Concert has been launched since April 18th at one of the world five most influential museums.
  2. Xi'an Mass Art Museum has carried out Free Online Public Courses, releasing detailed dancing and painting tutorials through their WeChat official account where each and every citizen can enjoy the service without stepping outside of the door while the museum is closed, which not only enriches people's cultural life, but enhances their ability of art appreciation.
  3. From February to March, many online activities have been carried out, such as 2 Wuhan-Xi'an Joint Online Art Exhibitions in fighting against the pandemic, 1 Joint Art Exhibition by famous artists from National Art Academies of five northwestern provinces, 5 Online Art Exhibitions in fighting against the pandemic by famous artists in Xi'an, and 20 Experience Exchanges by painters in creating their work during the anti-pandemic period.
  4. 21 performers promoted the knowledge of pandemic prevention and control by singing traditional Chinese opera.
  5. Xi'an Yisu Theatre has started to collect literary and artistic works on the theme of Jointly Fight Against the Pandemic and Pay Tribute to the Frontline Workers. Besides, they also start to rehearse the traditional classic show Loyal Man.

Future Cultural Activities

  1. The 2020 World Culture and Tourism Forum
  2. The City of Tang Poetry
  3. Set up Xi'an Culture and Tourism Exhibition Centre in Tokyo, Japan
  4. Over 300 shows for public interest from May to October
  5. Activities titled Travel Round Xi'an in a Week for Pleasure, including Mountain-Climbing Festival in Cuihua Mountain, Chinese Redbud Festival in Taiping Mountain, Peach Flower Festival in Chang'an District, etc.
  6. On June 13th, Promotion Event on Cultural and Natural Heritage Day on the theme of intangible cultural heritage, including performances of Xi'an Drum Music and Shaanxi Qin Opera.
  7. Financially encourage and support will be sponsored to the Xi'an Drum Music and Shaanxi Qin Opera for public interest.
  8. We will lead to write 5 songs about fighting against the pandemic and eulogizing doctors and nurses, and 1 poetry, which will be promoted on Ximalaya Audio sharing platform.
  9. We will call on the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, such as Xi'an Drum Music and Shaanxi Qin Opera, to make full use of their talents to produce short videos and other creative and positive works through the social media to fulfill people's cultural life.
  10. Xi'an will organize 3 Online Art Exhibitions of the Qinling Mountain portrayed by Xi'an painters.