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A rich and eclectic online cultural offer

A hashtag to list all cultural initiatives in Strasbourg

Anxious to continue to offer all the richness and diversity of Strasbourg's culture to as many people as possible, even in times of confinement, the City of Strasbourg has created its hashtag #StrasCultureChezVous to promote all the cultural initiatives that are currently taking place.

It is by seeing the emergence, in record time, of initiatives of the cultural facilities of the territory -media libraries (médiathèques), archives, museums, theatres-, of independent artists and of many others that the City of Strasbourg wanted to give visibility to all these actions on its Strasbourg Culture Facebook page.

In the current circumstances, the cultural facilities have certainly closed their doors to the public temporarily, but the teams continue to maintain the link with their audiences, with all audiences. They are reinventing themselves to offer, thanks to digital networks and social media, online resources, shows, selections of music, films, books and magazines, as well as training proposals and workshops for everyone, young and old.

The culture of Strasbourg is fully available, within a click's reach, in the living rooms. 

In this way, the City of Strasbourg is pursuing its public service mission and is committed to relaying on the Strasbourg Culture Facebook page all the proposals of cultural actors shared thanks to the hashtag #StrasCultureChezVous.

At the same time, the open data approach is accelerating. In the municipal Museums, in the Archives or in the Media Libraries, the teams were already working on the dematerialization and free access to their resources, in order to share collections and offer the possibility for the greatest number of people to reuse this data widely and free of charge. The current period provides an opportunity to accelerate these new proposals.

The following is a selection, not exhaustive, of the emblematic initiatives, which are being enriched every day with new ones:

  • The media libraries (médiathèques) of the City and the Eurométropole of Strasbourg offer an online registration allowing everyone to access all their digital resources free of charge: take language courses, get digital training or borrow digital books.
  • The Museums offer educational resources for schools and teachers as well as access to all MAMCS collections on their website. The online availability of the collections of the Museums is currently under development. On the social media, the collections are highlighted through regular, participatory and fun publications (quizzes, colouring boards, anecdotes, etc.).
  • The Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra broadcasts several of its concerts and launches a drawing competition for the youngest.
  • The Choreographic Centre of Strasbourg has created an online platform, powered by the teachers and musicians of the team, to share content and enable people to practice dance at a distance.
  • The Archives have put online the catalogue of the exhibition "Strasbourg is having fun!” (Strasbourg s’amuse!), opened on 12 February, as well as all the catalogues of their previous exhibitions, all the collections remaining accessible in Open Data.
  • To continue exploring Strasbourg's heritage from the comfort of your own home, the 5e Lieu publishes a daily focus on a square, a monument or a building in the city.
  • The Rhein National Opéra offers live yoga and dance classes on Facebook with Bruno Bouché, Director of the Ballet of the Opéra.
  • The Choir School of the Rhein National Opéra – young singers of Strasbourg offers online choral workshops, every day at 6 pm.
  • Pôle Sud presents a daily excerpt of the shows from the Extradanse festival.
  • The Espace Django Reinhardt provides a playlist with the titles of artists who have performed in the concert hall.
  • The improvisation theatre scene in Strasbourg is active with videoconference events.
  • The Star cinemas animate their Facebook page by regularly organising themed blind tests.

Source: Press Release, Strasbourg, 3 April 2020. Contact: Anne Rageot. Communication Culture: Fanny Dehlinger