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Circular 45: Follow us on Twitter
Circular 44: Committee on culture – 5th meeting – Mexico, 17th November 2010
Circular 43: Lists of the Committee
Circular 42: Programme 2011-2013. New ideas
Circular 41: Lobby for Millennium Development Goals, local governments and culture
Circular 40: Millennium Development Goals, local governments and culture. Comments for the World Secretariat of UCLG
Circular 39: Cooperation with the Committee on Social Inclusion and Participative Democracy
Circular 38: Call for projects 2010. Support for cities and local governments
Circular 37: Report of the fourth meeting held in Guangzhou
Circular 36: Support to local governance of culture in Buenos Aires, Medellín and Quito
Circular 35: New translations of the Agenda 21 for culture
Circular 34: Report Cities, cultures and developments. A report that marks the fifth anniversary of Agenda 21 for culture