Circular 34: Report Cities, cultures and developments. A report that marks the fifth anniversary of Agenda 21 for culture   eng | fra | spa

Circular 33: Report Culture and sustainable development: examples of institutional innovation and proposal of a new cultural policy profile   eng | fra | spa

Circular 32: Next meeting of the Committee. 11 November 2009. UCLG World Council in Guangzhou   eng | fra | spa

Circular 31: Report Culture, local governments and Millennium Development Goals   eng | fra | spa

Circular 30: Workshop at the Euro-African Campus for Cultural Cooperation in Maputo   eng | fra | spa

Circular 29: Seminar Culture, sustainable development and local governments: What challenges for the next decade   eng l fra l spa

Circular 28: Today we celebrate the 5th anniversary   eng | fra | spa

Circular 27: Preparing two new publications   eng | fra | spa

Circular 26: Contribution to our report to UNESCO   eng | fra | spa

Circular 25: List of cities, local governments and organisations   eng | fra | spa